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Custom Leatherette Patch

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Ready to bring your logo to life?

PLEASE NOTE - Proper formats of your logo are required to proceed. If you do not have this, you will need to contact your designer to retrieve, otherwise we cannot move forward. Please send a clear copy of your logo (AL, VECTOR or LARGE FORMAT TRANSPARENT PNG OF LOGO REQUIRED) to please include your order number and we will proceed with the printing process. We also cannot use logos that are trademarked. 

If you are unsure if your logo/image will work, please send it to us in advance, otherwise we will need to cancel order with unusable graphics. Also note that your logo will be converted to black and white on our end in order to print. 

PLEASE read this part carefully: These patches are available WITH or WITHOUT permanent adhesive on the back.

WITH the adhesive backing PLEASE NOTE it is NOT sticky- it is activated with heat and pressure. If you are applying to a flat surface this could be done with an iron. If you are looking to adhere the patch to a baseball hat you will need to use a hat heat press, this is the only way we have found it to be successful. 

If choosing NO ADHESIVE backing, these can be sewn on, or glued on using an adhesive like E6000 or another fabric type glue. If you are adhering to something that will be WASHED/DRIED - it is suggested that you stitch on, adhesive alone will not hold up in a washer/dryer.