She's Fighting for It

She's Fighting for It

There are two different types of leaders, explained the third grade teacher, your daughter is one of those. 

There are girls who are vocal and encourage others to follow, because you can't help but follow. There are girls who are quiet and lead by example. Whichever girl you are, I want you. 
I want you to be confident in who you are. I want you to know you're worth every feeling you have and every opinion you voice. I want you to find your strength and ability to be independent. I want you to fight for it. 

That thing you're passionate about, fight for it. 

CAMPAIGN  Women who are passionate about motherhood, their careers, mental health, juvenile diabetes, autism, loving YOUR body, cancer awareness, and many more 

WHY 🌍 We all have a story and given the opportunity to talk about it we can change the world
- Nicole Wren ( Michigan Farm Girl ) 
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