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More about Laura Lynette Shop

If you are familiar with those families who are overly affectionate, over share and are completely entertained by their own shenanigans, then welcome to our family.
Laura Lynette is a combination of our middle names, three sisters hell-bent on spending time together and laughing about life. 
Oldest Nicole Lynn, a dairy farmer and mom of three. Meagan Laura a stay-at-home mom of three. The youngest is Morgan Linnette, the comical glue that holds us all together and world's BEST aunt. 
Laura Lynette Shop is our small business. With every design we create and every item we put together, the attention we put into our products is something we want you to feel. Creating this business has given us a outlet from mom life, farm life and work life; sitting down with a little coffee (or wine) and feeling creative is the best feeling. We cannot wait to hear from you, work with you and include you in our family.